General use recommendations

Applied properly and following all label directions, Timorex Gold is both flexible and effective in controlling target disease in fruity and vegetable crops. Timorex Gold does not require the use of an adjuvant.

As a contact fungicide, quality application of Timorex Gold is important to maximize efficacy. Use sufficient water volume to ensure coverage and control droplet size (ideally 10 to 150 mm). Timorex Gold can be applied both by ground equipment and aerial equipment. Use Timorex Gold when conditions favoring disease development are present. As a preventative, applications should be made on 7 to 10 day intervals, depending on the severity of infestation of the crop.

The formulation of Timorex Gold is alkaline; acidifying agents may affect its efficacy when used in a tank mix. It is recommended that the average pH of the spray solution is kept between 6.5-7.5 (6.0-8.5). Timorex Gold is not affected by hard water (presence of magnesium, calcium or carbonate ions in the water). There is no need to add softening agents.

As a natural botanical fungicide, with a unique multisite modes of action, Timorex Gold is a natural tool for resistance management and IPM spray programs. Timorex Gold should be used in alternation or in tank mixes with conventional or biological products.